New BBC Radio 4 documentary explores Berlin’s nightlife

A new episode in BBC Radio 4’s Art of Now series investigates Berlin’s nightlife and its role in the changing landscape of the city.

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The documentary was produced by Georgia Catt and hosted by Emily Dust. It features interview segments with Tresor founder Dimitri Hegemann, YAAM general manager Geoffrey Vassuer, Dschungel Club resident Jimmy Baba, the Green Party representative for club culture in Berlin's Parliament Georg Kössler, Chair of the Berlin Club Commission Pamela Schobess and Room 4 Resistance co-founder Luz Diaz.

The German capital’s clubbing scene brought €1.5 billion into the city in 2018 but issues like gentrification are seeing a rise in club closures and relocations. Across half an hour, Emily Dust and the interviewees discuss the political, social and economic role of clubs in Berlin and how they can survive as a countercultural force.

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Head to BBC’s website to listen.

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