New Biggie Smalls movie trailer "City of Lies" which is about his murder investigation –

Whom many consider to be the GOAT rap music Biggie Smalls, had a birthday Monday May 21st and would have been 46 years old today. After the success the USA tv series unsolved which detailed the murders Biggie and Tupac it seems Hollywood wants more the Biggie murder mystery. A trailer has just been released for the new movie titled “City Lies” which details the corruption involved in the Biggie murder case.

Many people speculate that mourning Tupac affiliates like Suge Knight had Biggie killed, while others believe that the LAPD had something to do with the murder. Now, a new movie based on the detective who investigated the case is set to hit theaters.

The production company Global Road Entertainment released a trailer for this film to celebrate Biggies birthday, and from first looks this looks like a must see movie. With A list actors like Johnny Depp starring as LAPD det. Russell Poole who famously worked the case. Another A lister starring in the movie is Forest Whitaker who plays journalist Jack Jackson.

Ironically the music used is the trailers is Biggie’s “You’re Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You).” How creepy is that being he ultimately was killed! Check the trailer below and tell us what you think? City Lies will hit movie theatres September 7th!

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