New candle now lets you bring the scent of a record store into your home

There are some unique candle scents out there for purchase. “Grandma’s Kitchen,” “Popcorn,” “Bamboo Rain” or “Backyard Barbecue.” However, none might be as unique as the one that DW Home has just released. If you have ever been at home and missed the smell of a record store filled with vinyl, you no longer have to go without that sensation. That’s right, DW Home now allows you to bring the record store scent into your home with their brand new candle.

The product is labeled simply as “Record Store.” According to the DW Home website, the purpose of “Record Store” is to be able to bring “the familiar scent of pressed vinyl and warm woods fills the air, accented by notes of sweet blossoms, hints of amber and soft fruit” into the room you place it in. The candle comes in a simple but elegant glossy black container that shows the DW Home logo and the “Record Store” name. It is hand-poured and states it can last between 33 to 56 hours (depending on the size purchased). The candle lid resembles a pressed vinyl with a gold label and has a texture around it to resemble breaks and tracks.

The candle comes in two sizes, a medium single wick for $14.00 or a large double wick for $18.00. As of now, the candle has received 11 reviews that are all rated at five stars. But this candle is not going quietly under the radar, the large size option has already sold out so if you are looking to purchase, act quickly.


Image credit: Getty

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