New Eatbrain Drops Today! L33's 'Mafia' EP Featuring Coppa Finally Drops Along With Epic Podcast

There’s been a lot hype surrounding this Eatbrain051 release, the second this year and the first in quite a while from EB resident L33. After Redpill’s also much-anticipated and now much-celebrated Call the Warchief dropped on the label early this month, audiences are all but clamoring for the new L33. It’s finally up on Beatport, so let the sharing and playing begin.

Mafia has a fast, jumpy feel (dare we call it jump up?), exemplified right out the gate by the title track. While this track is highly danceable it still has that grinding madness and synth innovation audience will have come to expect from both L33 and Eatbrain. The synths ostensibly sound like a very angry, metallic snake eating itself whole. That’s plenty to keep the mind occupied, but this track also has a classical strings interlude in the break. It’s an interesting placement and somehow works with the overall composition.

Two the tracks on Mafia feature Eatbrain’s resident MC, Coppa. While plenty other MCs have been featured on EB releases, it seems Coppa has found a style which really works with these artists. In “Lights Out,” for example, Coppa’s vox and the track compliment each other so well that it’s hard to tell if Coppa wrote the vocals for the track or if L33 designed the track around Coppa’s vocals.

Another highlight the Mafia EP is “Last Signal.” It’s a rare melodic/vocal track from L33 and while said vocals and melody are beautiful and uplifting, L33 makes sure not to detract from the focus the beat and neurunk/steppy vibe. This track also has a classically-influenced break, which makes one wonder if L33 is classically trained. At the very least he appreciates a good classical music structure and this can be seen in both his melody choices and his composition.

In a rare new move, Eatbrain released L33’s corresponding podcast on the EB Soundcloud this weekend, before the EP was fully released. Neurunk fans can breath easy now, however, as now everything L33 is out and ready to play/purchase. The podcast link is below and the Beatport purchase link is . Check out Eatbrain’s for the latest releases, tour dates and scary album art.

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