New EDM Release Radar | May 17th | WTF Is Coming Out Friday?

Yo! Its that time of the week. That time of the week when you are sick of work, sick of school, sick of everything normal and all you want to do is party with friends and enjoy the summer. Well, we are almost to Friday, and with Friday you know comes tons of new tunes.

Welcome to the New EDM Release Radar! Check out the list below, we have some BIGGG tunes this week, and thanks as usual to my friends at for helping me with this every week!

New EDM Release Radar – May 17th


A-Leo, Jason Farol – Don't Wanna Get Up (Funkerman Remix)

Adip Kiyoi – Deeper Soul

Artelax, Jeanway – The Bird

Bag Raiders, Mickey Kojak – Wild At Heart

Bisbetic, Felis & Shaz, Loe – Because I Got You

Block & Crown, Lissat – Me So Horny

Captain Kidd – Wide Eyes

Cheat Codes, Danny Quest, Ina Wroldsen – I Feel Ya

Chocolate Puma, Carta – Zhong

CR3WFX, PSYJAG – Smooth Talker

Dave202 – Nebula

Death Ray Shake – To The Top

Destructo, Loge21 – No Retreat

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Vini Vici, Liquid Soul – Untz Untz

Dirkie Coetzee – Catharsis

DMNDS, EKO – Get Loud


Dylhen – Quantum

Gryffin, Aloe Blacc – Hurt People

Hywall – Storm Sailing

Jack Shore – Feel It

Jason Ross, Melanie Fontana – Shelter

Jaytech – Batumi/Tigerlily

Jonas Schmidt – I'm The One

KAAZE, NEEN – Up In Smoke

Kenneth Bager, Jez Phunk – Farmacia (Homage To Frankfurt)

Kevin McKay, David Penn – Hallelujah

Kilter – One In Hand

Kilter – Tmper

Kompany – Movement

Kriss Kross Amsterdam, Kraantje Pappie, Tabitha – Moment

Laidback Luke, Avicii – SOS remix

Lee Foss, Mal Rainey, SPNCR – Trap Money

Lucid Blue – Eyes Wide Open (Tom Exo Remix)

Lucky Vegas – Robot Love

Malaa, Jacknife – Revolt

Marco V, Bigtopo, Omar Diaz – Risk

Mark Ronson, Yebba – Don't Leave Me Lonely

Matt Caseli, David Jimenez – Get Yourself Together

Mauro Picotto, Devid – Pyramid Soundwall

Max Styler, Alex Hosking – Sweet

MOTI, MICHAEL FORD – For The Love Of Money

My Friend, Dezza – Dream Weaver

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