New Label Liquid State Promises To Fuse Eastern And Western Sounds On The Dancefloor

New labels are a dime a dozen these days. It seems that every week a new imprint will crop up. This is a gift as well as a curse, with so many platforms to release music f these days it can be hard to know which labels to follow. It is rare to get excited over the formation a new label but Hong Kong based Liquid State is one that should instantly get your blood pumping.

A Merging Of The Sounds From Both The East And West

The label which is a collaborative effort between Sony Music Entertainment and Tencent Music Entertainment Group has already secured an incredibly impressive line up artists and has set out to merge Eastern and Western influences in EDM. The growth dance music in Asia has been exponential in the past years and it has become clear that a label needed to step up to help showcase both up and coming and internationally touring acts the region.

New Label Liquid State Promises To Fuse Eastern And Western Sounds On The Dancefloor

Liquid State has brought on both ZHU and Alan Walker. Alan already has a string high prile collaborations set to be release Liquid State in 2018. In addition to these instantly recognizable acts Liquid State will be releasing tracks from Seungri who is part the Korean band Big Bang. These artists are just some the highlights the already impressive roster from Liquid State.

CEO Tencent Music Entertainment Group, Cussion Pang had this it say about the new project:

“With the formation Liquid State, our goal is to create an unmatched culture exchange between the East and the West through the power electronic dance music. It is a music genre like no other, and together with Sony Music Entertainment, we aim to build a win-win solution for all our stakeholders and believe that the collaboration will give birth to some truly memorable moments in both the music and culture sectors for years to come.”

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