NewAge Jerkboy Was Locked Up With YNW Melly & Says He’s Going Crazy

YNW Melly may get the death penalty for ending his YNW crewmates Sakchaser and Juvy. (Although, according to him, he's coming home soon.)

In the past, YNW Melly has spoken about a violent alter-ego named Melvin which may be part of a mental illness defense, and some inside information may support that claim. 

Florida rapper NewAge Jerkboy just got out of doing a bid, during which he served time with YNW Melly at Broward County Jail.

Jerkboy claims he saw Melly in prison. Melly was on the 8th floor with all the murderers., while Jerkboy was on the 7th floor. 

According to Jerkboy, Melly looked like he "lost his mind" and "was going through it." 

You can peep the full clip below.

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