NGHTMRE x Dillon Francis Go On A Rick & Morty-Like Adventure In New Music Video

Tripped out music videos are all the rave right now — and NGHTMRE x Dillon Francis want to take you to “Another Dimension!”

In the video, the dynamic duo pop magical pills and enter a virtual reality world on a vivid psychedelic trip. They literally lose their minds (and their bodies at times) as they go on otherworldly adventures including exploring the Egyptian pyramids and starring in their own version Super Mario.

“Another Dimension” ends up being more like multiple dimensions as these guys time travel in ways that would give Rick & Morty a run for their money. The “Another Dimension” music video is sure to expand your psyche and elevate your senses!

NGHTMRE is currently sailing on Holy Ship! 11.0. You can catch him on tour, currently running through many major U.S.cities and European countries (). Dillon Francis has an ambitious tour schedule as well, making stops in various countries through this summer ).

NGHTMRE & Dillon Francis – Another Dimension

Music video by Simian Design

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