Nick Young Is Naming His Newborn Son After Tupac Shakur

Nick Young is one of the most eclectic personalities in the game of basketball. His mouth has gotten himself in trouble and he's managed to find himself wrapped up in plenty of controversy throughout his career. The former Los Angeles Lakers forward is perhaps best known outside of the NBA as Iggy Azalea's ex-boyfriend. After D'Angelo Russell effectively snitched on his teammate for fooling around with another woman, Iggy and Nick went their separate ways. Since they split up, he's been building a family with his current girlfriend Keonna Green. With their baby on the way, Swaggy P is hoping that he arrives on a specific day so his name can make even more sense.

Nick Young Is Naming His Newborn Son After Tupac Shakur
Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Green is due to give birth around June 16, which made Nick's choice for a name pretty easy. The sixteenth is Tupac Shakur's birthday and if all goes down according to plan, Young's newborn son will be named after the rap legend. He posted a photo of his family on social media, revealing the two names that they've picked out for their third child. 

"Bady [sic] number 3 hopefully the 16 on 2pac bday," said Swaggy. "I’m naming him Nyce Amaru Young or Nyce Shakur." If Nyce doesn't arrive on the sixteenth, it's possible that the Tupac references could be removed from his name but for now, Young is set on including a tribute to the icon. Which name do you prefer?

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