Nicki Minaj Gained Big Business From Cardi B Feud: Report

According to sources close to Nicki Minaj, the Queen rapper is quite pleased about being attacked at the Bazaar Fashion Show. From her camp's perspective, Nick is the winner when it comes to the scandal instigated by Cardi B. Not only did the "Bodak Yellow" leave the brawl with a major bump on her head, she also has handed Nicki massive business opportunities in addition to boosting her numbers.

Minaj's show Queen Radio has jumped to #1 on Apple Music and has been trending heavily on Twitter since the NYFW incident. The quantity of listeners has quadrupled from one week to the next.

It is also said that requests for that Nicki Minaj swagger have multiplied significantly. The artist is getting an enormous amount of requests for appearances from all over the place. Many of these are due to the current buzz around her name.

The streaming numbers on her new music video are also being attributed to the publicity gained from the fight. "Barbie Dreams" hit over 5 million views within a day of its release.

Cardi B is still doing fine. She recently reminded people of how her music has garnered her true love from her fans, unfettered by manipulative artifice.

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