Nicki Minaj Likens Herself To Princess Diana Amid "Queen" Delay

The Royal Wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may have been over the weekend but Nicki Minaj is still absorbed by royalty. With her upcoming album titled Queen, Minaj stated that she had to cancel her appearance on Ellen earlier this week, delaying a major announcement that she was making. Instead, she would simply address the people her social media platform. Many were expecting good news when Nicki teased her announcement but she ended up declaring that her album was being pushed back a few months to be released on August 10. After waiting nearly four years for the project, the delay does not seem like much at all and her fans will need to be just a bit more patient before being able to listen to new Nicki. Noting the change in an Instagram post, Nicki likened herself to another strong woman that made headlines around the world, Princess Diana.

With the Queen title and this post, it appears as though Nicki is set to celebrate femininity and the strength women worldwide in her upcoming album, quoting the late Princess in her caption, writing, "It’s the strength that causes the confusion & fear. Why is she strong? Where does she get it from? Where is she going to use it? #WhyDoThePublicStillSupportHer." Celebrating Diana's legacy, the New York rapper ended by wishing well on any woman who has ever felt similar to the emotions displayed in the video she shared.

With the amount criticism Nicki faces simply for being a woman in the rap world, the Pink Friday artist has had to overcome obstacles on a daily basis. Will you be looking out for Queen come August?

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