Nicki Minaj Opens Up About Plans To Marry "Soulmate" Kenneth Petty

Nicki Minaj has long styled herself a Queen, and it would appear she's inching ever closer to locking down a King of her choosing. Not long after revealing that she and her longtime boyfriend Kenneth Petty recently secured their marriage license, Nicki took to Twitter to stage an impromptu, Barbz-laden Q&A session. Curiously enough, there were a few interesting questions fielded throughout, many of which pertained to the blending of art and life. When asked whether Petty understood the depth of the "Nicki Minaj" persona, Minaj explained the dynamic can get a little complicated.

"He won’t even say the word “Nicki”. He has called me onika since I was 15 so it’s hard to change that," she writes. "I wouldn’t date anyone cuz I’m about to be married to my soulmate. But that was the problem, others r infatuated w/Nicki Minaj he DGAF about this industry & is very protective." It's unclear whether his stance applies to Roman as well, though it's likely that it does indeed. 

Of course, many (99.9 percent of whom don't even have a horse in the race to begin with) have been adamantly opposed to Nicki's union with Petty, despite her openly professing to be in a state of personal happiness. Yet it's becoming increasingly clear that Petty must deal with the Barbz, in order to retain the status quo. When asked whether he holds any feelings toward Minaj's passionate fanbase, Nicki broke down the complex dynamic. "His guard goes up when y’all r around me acting excited cuz he thinks y’all can hurt me," she begins. "But when he hears the stories from some of my fans about how they think I’ve helped them to stay in school & deal w/their identities, etc., he seems rlly moved by it."


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