Nicki Minaj Previews New "Megatron" Single

All week, we've been hearing about "Megatron." "Megatron" this and "Megatron" that. What exactly is "Megatron" though? At this stage, we're not entirely sure. Nicki Minaj has been unclear about what she'll be releasing this Friday but all signs point to it being a new single and music video. The rap superstar has been unleashing teases for the last couple of days, returning from her social media hiatus with a lot of momentum and finally, she's letting us hear what we can expect on the new song.

Nicki Minaj Previews New "Megatron" Single
Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Nicki Minaj is about to submit her entry for Song of the Summer and we're all excited to hear what she comes up with. Releasing at midnight tomorrow, the Queen will officially be back and today, she decided to give us a taste of what "Megatron" sounds like. We don't actually get to hear her beginning vocals but the beat gives us a good enough idea of where things are heading. The video, directed by Mike Ho, is shown off in the clip too with Nicki sensually straddling her male counterpart on camera. It begins with the rapper making gun motions and exclaiming "brrr-bap-bap-bap."

From what you hear of the first few seconds of "Megatron," are you excited for Friday? Nicki Minaj officially makes her return on June 21.

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