Nicki Minaj Serves Boss Looks In Cute New Kissy Photo

Just days off of the release of her latest single, Nicki Minaj is officially back in the public eye. She had gone missing for months and her fans legitimately started putting posters around their cities in case anyone had information on her whereabouts. After an awkward interview at the Met Gala, the Barbs thought that Nicki might be expecting her first child with her boyfriend Kenneth Petty. Others figured that she was simply just spending a lot of time in the studio. It turns out that the latter portion of her supporters was correct because now that "Megatron" is out, Minaj is back in full force, flooding the web with new content.

Nicki Minaj Serves Boss Looks In Cute New Kissy Photo
Brad Barket/Getty Images

Today's upload shows the Queen serving up some cute looks, striking a pose and putting on a kissy face. She wears a women's suit with a short skirt, showing off her curves and her legs while still presenting herself in a professional manner. The pic has some of her peers going wild with Kehlani remarking that her hair is perfectly placed with not one strand messing up her look. Cuban Doll also commented on the image, showing love to the Queen. 

Nicki's new single garnered mixed reviews from fans. The dancehall-inspired record is a summer smash but with a name like "Megatron," people were expecting straight BARS from the emcee. Maybe next time?

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