Nicki Minaj Spits Rhymes For "Wheel Of Freestyle" Rap Game

Nicki Minaj is back into the swing of things after dropping her single, "Megatron." The 36-year-old rapper took a break from social media for months only to emerge in full force in support of her latest track. "Megatron" quickly reached No. 1 on iTunes, and to further promote her single, Nicki visited The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday evening. 

She has dozens of chart-topping hits under her belt, but Nicki said it never gets old when she adds another to her list. "It always excites me," Nicki said. "No matter how many songs you put out it always feels good to know that people still care enough to go and check for it and still support you." The rapper then confirmed that there's definitely a new album on the way, but she hasn't quite figured out a release date. Jimmy asked her if she had a title and she said yes, but within minutes she changed her mind, claiming she was lying about having a name for her forthcoming project.

After Jimmy lavished Nicki with compliments about her ability to pose like royalty for adoring photographers at the Met Gala, Nicki showed off her rap skills for the Wheel of Freestyle. In the game, Jimmy spins the wheel and it lands on three random words. It's then up to Nicki to incorporate those words into her rhymes as flawlessly as possible. Her spin landed on "Hexagon," "Yeti," and "Edible Arrangement." This was like playing patty cake for the New York spitter.

Nicki didn't hide the fact that she was nervous but when The Roots dropped the beat, she began to feel her groove.

Six sides that's a hexagon
I'm the big homie Megatron
These girls can't see me like they Yeti
All these girls gassed like Getty
I am miss petty
And it's going basement
I be like, eat it, eat it, eat it, eat it, eat it
Edible arrangement

Check it out below. 

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