Nicki Minaj Talks Aretha Franklin, Eminem's Mixing, & Favorite "Queen" Songs

Nicki Minaj's Queen has "unanimously" been dubbed her best album, according to the author herself. Earlier today, Nicki Minaj slid through for her third appearance on Queen Radio, on Apple Music's Beats 1. While she spent last week's episode premiering the project, this time around, the album has already garnered plenty of first impressions. As such, early favourites have already started to pop up, including a few of Minaj's own personal choices. In fact, she officially went on record as saying "Barbie Dreams" and "Hard White" were her top two selections. "“It’s a lethal combination," she explains. "Those songs show that women are very layered.”

Given the passing of the legendary Aretha Franklin, Nicki took a minute to pay homage to one of music's most respected. "It’s no secret she’s an icon — an icon of all icons. I don’t know anyone who she hasn’t inspired," says Nicki. "It seems strange to wake up and hear she passed, even though she lived a long and fulfilled life. But still, we’ve lost one of our icons. Someone we’ve all been inspired by." 

She goes on to briefly shout out collaborator Eminem, who has yet to fully commit to copping that Barbie Dreamhouse. She does, however, respect his prowess as an engineer. "“Eminem is very subtle. He’ll take the song and mix it, but won’t mess up the mix on my vocal. I love him so much," says Nicki. One can only hope they'll team up for one last go around.

Have you checked out that Queen project yet?

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