Nicki Minaj’s "MEGATRON" Posts Have Fans Creating Theories

When Nicki Minaj returned from her social media hiatus yesterday, the Queen Barb confused her fanbase by tweeting out the word "MEGATRON." People were confused about what could be coming up. Would a new single be dropping in a few days? Is Nicki preparing us for her next album? Or does she just really like Transformers? The New York-born rapper didn't care to elaborate but the return was big enough for her to switch up her entire online presence. She changed her name on the platform to read "MEGATRON" and the word is plastered across her avatar, cover photo and more. Since it was uploaded, fans have been trying to figure out what Minaj is up to. There are some pretty wacky theories flying around too.

With Megan Thee Stallion's recent surge in popularity, a popular theory has "MEGATRON" being the title of a song between the two female rappers. One guess that definitely seems like a reach broke up the word by "MEGA" (for Megan Thee Stallion,) "TR" (for Trina) and "ON" (for Onika, Nicki's first name.) Perhaps this could be a three-way collaboration between those artists? Another fan realized that if you unscramble the letters within "MEGATRON," you can come up with "Get Roman." Roman Zolanski is one of Minaj's alter-egos that we haven't seen in quite some time. Maybe, this is her creative way of announcing his return.

Regardless of what Nicki has up her sleeve, we're happy to see her back in action. What do you think is coming?

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