Nicky Romero Puts Festival Flair On Afrojack & Jewelz & Sparks 'One More Day'

Emerging just in time to turn this year’s flurry next-level festivals into even more a scene-defining escapade, Nicky Romero unleashes his a beautiful festival house spin onto the new single Afrojack and German duo Jewelz & Sparks. Premiered by the Wall Recordings head honcho himself at EDC Las Vegas and played as the final track his live set at The Flying Dutch last weekend, Nicky Romero’s remix adds a fresh scent magic to their latest fering, ‘One More Day’.

Right in time to blow this summer's festivals f their hinges, Nicky Romero provides dance music lovers with a wonderful and above all blistering rendition. Turning ‘One More Day’ into a super-addictive Progressive House masterpiece, the Dutchman proves again why he’s widely considered one dance music’s top acts. I personally think this remix blows the doors f the original and I was a big fan that as well.

Check out the remix below and let us know what you think.

Afrojack & Jewelz & Sparks – One More Day (Nicky Romero Remix)

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