Nicky Romero Starts 2018 Off Strong With The Infectious 'PRTCL'

Nicky Romero has to hate me at this point. His last few releases missed the mark in my humble opinion. That is way his latest release has gotten me incredibly excited. While Romero dipped his feet into multiple genres in 2017, many the experimental tunes were rough around the edges. ‘PRTCL' on the other hand is a return to glory, and demonstrates that when Nicky is at his best, the results are tantalizing.

‘PRTCL' named after his label, is a big room anthem. Nicky Romero is no stranger to success with the big room sound. The genre helped him rise to glory along with Dutch house. ‘PRTCL' is a powerful tune that is reminiscent past projects by the likes Guetta and Fedde Le Grand. Overall ‘PRTCL' is fun, energetic and cleaner than a hypochondriac's home. Check it out below, we cannot wait to hear more from Nicky and the rest Protocol in 2018.

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