Nicky Romero’s highly anticipated ID from the Avicii Tribute Concert, ‘Afterglow’ to release Friday

Fans have eagerly awaited for years for the release of one of the most talked-about IDs from Nicky Romero in recent memory since the minute he premiered it during the Avicii Tribute Concert in 2019. Well, the time for the release has finally come. Confirmed by the Protocol Recordings Instagram itself, Nicky Romero will finally release “Afterglow” with Gattüso and Jared Lee this coming Friday.

From the preview on Instagram, the song unlocks those emotional progressive vibes that the Dutch native is synonymous with creating throughout his career time and time again. Along with that, it looks like we will also be treated with an amazing lyric video that will release alongside the track. The depicted video shows an entirely blue canvas with a man wandering through what seems to be a desert.

“It’s like a shot to the heart, it’s an adrenaline rush. It got me lighting up from head to toe. I dare somebody to try to pull me down from the sky. Cause I’m saving this place and it’ll last for a lifetime. When sunlight won’t show. I’ll be the afterglow. So hold tight, don’t let go. I’ll be the afterglow” – “Afterglow” lyrics

With the small sneak peek that we can listen to of the final version, it goes to prove that all good things are worth the wait.

Relive Nicky Romero’s entire 2019 set from the Avicii Tribute Concert below. Pre-save “Afterglow” with Gattüso and Jared Lee out January 14th here.


Image Credit: Nicky Romero (via Facebook)

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