Nicolas Cage More Interested In Playing Lex Luthor Over Superman These Days

The days of Nicolas Cage performing as Superman are behind him even when he wished for the position many occasions earlier than. The 54-year-old actor lately chatted with The Guardian about many issues present enterprise the place he was advised that there is presently a web based marketing campaign to make him the subsequent Clark Kent. "Oh, I believe my Superman days are lengthy gone,” he advised the publication, entertaining the thought of enjoying a villain. “Oh, that will be GREAT! I’d make an awesome Lex Luthor!”

But Nicolas did get to placed on a Superman swimsuit formally (simply as soon as) when he starred in Tim Burton’s Superman Lives, a documentary that that exhibits the behind the scenes happenings of the deserted movie directed by Tim and starring Nicolas as Superman. 

"I might supply that the film that Tim and I might have made, in your creativeness, is extra highly effective than any of the Superman motion pictures,” he beforehand advised Entertainment Weekly. “I didn’t even need to make the film and everyone knows what that film would have been in your creativeness. That is the Superman. That is the film. Even although you by no means noticed it—it's the Superman."

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