Nicolas Jaar announces new album, shares first single “Sunder”

Nicolás Jaar has announced a new album, a second of sorts following his Against All Logic release earlier this year (a project for his more dancey productions). The new album, under his own name has been dubbed ‘Cenizas’ and will be released March 27th his Other People imprint. The new album will follow his debut ‘Sirens’ released way back in 2016 which was widely met with acclaim at the range and sophistication of the production.

The first single from the album is “Sunder”, an unreleased track he wrote sometime in 2017. It’s shaped as a heavily modulated progressive swab of electronica. While it starts out very tense, it eventually grows into a melodic and emotively raw track.

With ‘Cenizas’ translating to ash in English we’re expecting more experimental and darker tones from the album. Check out the tracklisting and first listen to “Sunder” below;

Nicolas Jaar – Cenizas Tracklisting

1. Vanish
2. Menysid
3. Cenizas
4. Agosto
5. Gocce
6. Mud
7. Vacíar
8. Sunder
9. Hello, Chain
10. Rubble
11. Garden
12. Xerox
13. Faith Made of Silk

While we’re at it, what about this classic cut from Jaar;

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