Nightclubs in Ireland can officially reopen starting on October 22

In a long-overdue decision by the Government of Ireland, all social distancing laws including the currently forced closure of nightclubs in the country will be lifted on the 22nd of October. The exciting news was announced after a four-phased plan was organized by the countries cabinet.

The October and last phase of the lifting of restrictions depends on the countries vaccine rollout and cases remaining manageable to the healthcare system, with Ireland’s Prime Minister Micheál Martin explaining that 90% of over 16s had to be vaccinated for the phase to take place. It should be noted that Ireland has had a very successful rollout already with over 88% of the countries over 18s fully vaccinated.

However, one of the stages of the previously mentioned four-phased plan is taking place from the 6th of September which will allow venues to open at a 60% capacity and will only allow people to attend who are fully vaccinated and live music events inside required to be seated. This news has had mixed reactions from the struggling music industry with the Music and Entertainment Association of Ireland making a statement with concerns about the lack of support given to having to run at a limited capacity:

“Our industry will not be fully reopened until we achieve 100% capacity, will still display the scars of the financial hardship and mental health struggles many of us have endured and now, more than ever, we need our government to listen to our voices and support us well into 2022. We need that support so we can build our businesses, build our and your confidence, but most importantly, so we can build, upon our rich and proud heritage and culture, an industry that is bigger, brighter, bolder than ever before.”

Also announced was a pilot full capacity event that will take place in September mirroring the ones that have taken place in countries such as Canada and Spain. Details are yet to be announced by the Irish Government but they are to be expected soon. You can read the full four-phase plan decided by the Government here.

Image Credit: The Wright Venue

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