Nina Kraviz: "We are living in the time of careful electronic music"

Nina Kraviz believes this era of music is a "time of 'careful electronic music'."

In our recent feature where Kraviz and Parris Mitchell interview each other, the former lauded the importance of labels such as Dance Mania, the Chicago imprint at the forefront of ghetto-house.

In response to Mitchell asking for her opinion on up-and-coming DJ’s and producers’ approach to ghetto-house, Kraviz said she wished "people knew more about Dance Mania", because it might mean music "would sound less polished."

She added: "We are living in the time of ‘careful electronic music’. Some music is made intentionally rough and reckless but its calculated formula kills the whole ethos around it."

Later on in the piece, she touches on the time she played ghetto-house at Dutch festival Dekmantel.

"I was overly romantic thinking that everyone on this planet knows that ghetto-house is naturally dodgy and that occasionally sloppy mixes are a part of the concept. Long story short, I was wrong!"

Mitchell also pitched in with his own view on the genre: "Everyone has different tastes; some people didn’t like the harder ghetto-house and wanted to hear something more glittery and melodic. Because I’m an artist I can appreciate a lot of different things, I look at the art rather than the commercial bility."

The feature also has Kraviz and Mitchell, who released their 'Feel My Butterfly' collaboration on Riva Starr's Snatch! Raw last month, touch on record scavenging and creativity.

[Photo: Dan Medhurst]

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