Nipsey Hussle’s Brother & The Crips Battle Over "The Marathon Continues": Report

Since the untimely passing of Nipsey Hussle, his brother, Blacc Sam, has been working relentlessly to keep his brother's legacy alive. Earlier this year, he filed paperwork to trademark Nip's famous slogan, "The Marathon Continues" for entertainment services, music, and  “charitable activities and the doing of good deeds for others and the promotion of ethical and character values.” However, the Crips also filed documents to trademark the slogan, causing a battle between the two parties for "The Marathon Continues."

Nipsey Hussle's Brother & The Crips Battle Over "The Marathon Continues": Report
Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

Blacc Sam filed a trademark application for "The Marathon Continues" twelve days after The Crips did the same through their holding company, The Blast reports. The move for Blacc Sam to trademark the slogan came shortly after he requested to become the administrator for Nipsey's estate in order to handle the rapper's business including Puma's collaboration with The Marathon Clothing store.

It's not surprising that The Crips, who want to use the slogan for the same reason Blacc Sam does, have filed trademark for "The Marathon Continues." Nipsey Hussle proudly repped the Rolling 60's Neighborhood Crips.

At this point, neither Blacc Sam or the Crips filings mention the other party but as soon as U.S. Patent & Trademark officials notice both applications, they'll have to figure out who will actually obtain the rights to "The Marathon Continues."

We'll keep you updated on more information. 

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