Nipsey Hussle’s Suspected Murderer Was Reportedly Wanted By The Crips

Yesterday, we reported that Eric Holder, the primary suspect in Nipsey Hussle's murder, was captured twenty miles away from the crime scene. That development came minutes after a reported phone call between the press and Holder's getaway car driver, who stated that she was in the dark regarding the murder. With Eric Holder now confirmed to be in police custody, more information is coming out about Holder. As reported by Daily Mail, the man, who is nicknamed Shitty Cuz, was found outside of a mental health facility in Bellflower.

Prior to his arrest, LAPD had been urging Holder to turn himself in, noting that a hit had been put on his life by members of the Crips. Both Holder and Hussle had been members of the gang in Los Angeles and although it was initially believed to have been a gang dispute that led to Hussle's death, it is now assumed to have been a personal argument between the rapper and Eric Holder. In security footage released of the shooting, you can see Hussle and Holder get into an altercation outside of the clothing store before Holder walks off to grab a gun, shoots Hussle several times, and then kicks him in the head. 

Several members of the Crips had given the "green light" to other California members to shoot and kill Eric Holder if they saw him in the streets. Nipsey Hussle was scheduled to meet with police to discuss ways to reduce gang violence the day after his death.

Read our memorial post for Nipsey Hussle here. We will continue to update you with any new developments.

Nipsey Hussle's Suspected Murderer Was Reportedly Wanted By The Crips
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