Niterunner drops magical dreamwave single

Australian dream-wave is here with the drenched sounds of Niterunner and their glistening ode to war in love, ‘Right Direction’.

Andrea, who leads the vocals in the brother, sister trio band went into detail on the meaning behind the song, quoting:

“Right Direction reflects a moment of déjà vu in a relationship, realising that you have had the same on-again-off-again toxic scenario on repeat. It represents a pivotal moment that you can’t unsee or turn back from when gaslighting and manipulation bubbles to the surface. This song is about no longer second-guessing yourself, regaining your self-confidence and strength to move on.”

The band that previously released their hit single ‘Stay Tonight’ has created something special. It’s a smooth indie electro ballad that has all the ingredients for a dance floor sing along.

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