NITTI GRITTI Releases New Single "Another Way" With R&B Icon Mario

Music producer NITTI GRITTI has, once again, brought fans some new music that is absolutely to die for. This New Music Friday, The relentless artist has released the second single of his forthcoming “All In” EP titled “Another way.” To make the release more exciting, it even features the popular R&B icon Mario who is known for his single “Let Me Love You.

The new single is a blend of Future Bass and R&B, effectively combining the signature sounds of these two artists. Mario's vocals successfully complement NITTI GRITTI's sound. Certainly, both electronic and R&B music lovers will enjoy this new work of art. It is smooth yet groovy at the same time, which is great for those who are trying to jam to something new. It's a great change of pace from much of the music releases being shared today.

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