Offset Avoids Answering Questions About Cardi B’s Legal Issues

Before taking to the 2019 BET Awards stage on Sunday,Migos spent a few moments chatting with Entertainment Tonight on the blue carpet. The rap trio was questioned about their latest single "Stripper Bowl," a song inspired by a party of the same name that went down earlier this year. There were rumors that there was $500K spent at the exotic dancer-centered event, and Migos confirmed that the gossip was indeed true.

"We just wanted to have fun [and] enjoy our time," Quavo said. "Just being a great label, a great team, a great group. We got a lotta guys performing tonight from our label and we just want to enjoy a night in the town and bring all the money, bring all the ladies to Atlanta and just have fun. It's what we do." Takeoff added that because they had the Super Bowl in Atlanta, the only thing to do was to host a Stripper Bowl in their hometown.

ET's Kevin Frazier also wanted to know if Migos was going to contribute any music to Hustlers, the movie Cardi B is currently filming. "[She's] holding it down," Cardi's husband Offset said. "Can't give you all the shhh. I don't know, what you expect. Gotta wait and see." When asked about Cardi's legal issues, he said, "Nah, everything's good. We're gonna have the greatest performance. We're finna rock the stage. It's finna be beautiful."

After confirming that they would be performing "Clout," Frazier pressed the topic of Cardi's legal problems as he asked about them once again. "We blessed," Offset said before Quavo interjected in an attempt to shut down the conversation. Watch it all go down below.

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