Offset Lets His 3-Year-Old Son Hold His Racks On The Way To The Bank

Kids these days seem to be getting more and more spoiled with each passing year. It used to be that a tin can with a rock in it was enough to entertain a toddler, then all a sudden every kid over the age 3 months needs an iPad all a sudden. Now, Offset is setting the bar even higher by letting his three-year-old son Kody play with $100,000 like its a toy.

In a post on his Instagram, Kody is pictured sitting very contently in his car seat, casually holding on to at least 10 stacks $10,000 each without a care in the world. Kody must want to be like his dad, who is flexing his ice and his racks on a daily basis. In the caption, Offset writes, "KODY: I W A N T C A S H D A D A ME: G O P U T I T I N T H E B A N K." 

Why buy your toddler son a new toy when you can just give him the money it would cost to buy him ten thousand toys. Much less effort that way, and Kody seems to have asked specifically to play with the money. 

While it's all fun and games now, Kody might regret treating that money so casually once he has to start paying bills his own, at least Offset is giving him good financial advice by telling him to save it in the bank. Check out Kody and Offset's trip to the bank down below. 

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