Offset's Lawyer Dubs Gun & Drug Charges "Utter Ridiculousness"

A little under a month ago, Offset was hit with traffic, gun, and drug possession charges after being pulled over in Georgia. Apparently, police found three handguns, an ounce of weed, and over one hundred thousand in cash. While it's still unclear whether the county will actually move forward with a case against the rapper, Offset's lawyer has issued a few less than savoury thoughts on the whole debacle. 

Speaking with Billboard, Offset's lawyer Drew Findling This was a stop for one reason and one reason only," Offset's lawyer, Drew Findling, claimed the traffic charge stemmed from the simple act of "driving while black. If you look at [citations], you know certainly how preposterous one of them is," he explains. Billboard's article elaborates that the charge in question is "possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime," with the crime itself being "possession of a weapon by a convicted felon."

Findling continues, saying "If you read between the lines from the information available to us, it's obvious that it was an African-American young man driving a shiny, beautiful luxury car and they come up to the car and if you know anything about Mr. Cephus, you know that Kiari wears the best watches that anyone can imagine buying. And he's clad with beautiful jewelry, and in fact it's commonplace for, as it is for other people in his genre, to carry a body bag with cash on him. All that was completely visible."

He also expresses that Offset's driving partner was in fact licensed to carry. "When you are somebody that is famous... that drives a beautiful luxury car... [and] have amazing jewelry and in excess of $100,000 in cash and you know that you can't carry a weapon with you as a felon, it may be prudent to have someone with you that can. Mr. Cephus, complying with the law, had a legal weapon holder with a license with him. So instead of being condemned for doing that, he should be commended." Either way, he doesn't feel that the case will ultimately hold water. "It's a bullshit charge. They haven't filed it yet because there are problems with the case."

For more thoughts from Offset's lawyer, be sure to read the full story over at Billboard. 

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