Ol Dirty Bastard estate suing Lil Wayne who just filed a trademark for "New Dirty Bastard" name – HipHopOverload.com

Lil Wayne and his Young Money Entertainment company have filed a trademark for the name “New Dirty Bastard” using it for record production, music production and many other entertainment related services.

The only problem here is that one the most iconic artist in rap name was “Ol Dirty Bastard” and his family is not feeling this move by Lil Wayne & Young Money. ODB who died in 2004 from an accidental drug overdose was a member the iconic rap group Wu-Tang Clan.

ODB’s daughter Taniqua Jones and estate attorney who were unaware that Lil Wayne and his crew were pursuing the trademark. According to the attorney, ODB’s estate is interested in protecting their own interests, and understand that there can be confusion in the marketplace with the use the name “New Dirty Bastard.”

What do you guys think? Should ODB’s estate and Wayne make this happen and work together on it?

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