Olympic Gold Medalist Vasyl Lomachenko Faces Jorge Linares Tonight On ESPN

If Vasyl Lomachenko is a name you are unfamiliar with and you consider yourself a boxing fan, I will spend the next few minutes bringing you up to speed. There really isn't any good reason to disregard the lower weight classes in the sport Boxing, they present the most action, and the best bang for your buck. Vasyl Lomachenko made the transition from the amateurs to the pressional ranks on such a major scale, fighting for a World Title in his second sanctioned bout. Since then, Vasyl Lomacheno has dominated the sport, slowly gaining in mass, so as to complete the sweep all weight classes above him. OF course there are physical limitations to to changing the composition your muscle mass. Lomachenko latest victory against Cuban fighter Guillermo Rigondeaux was considered a clash two the sport's finest competitors. Rigondeaux threw up his towel after 6 rounds bewilderment.

Jorge Linares represents a more stringent career path than his opponent's. For all the respect he's received as a longtime champion in the Lightweight division, Linares is still searching for that "signature" victory to set him apart in the record books. A victory over Vasyl Lomachenko would do just do that. Even with the odds are against him for the first time in his career, Linares is putting on a confident front when he says ""When I win this fight, everything in my life, everything in my career, is different." Find me a fighter that would say otherwise in the lead up to a fight. It's simply not in the character a true fighter.

The undercard begins at 8 P.M. on ESPN.

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