It's May 4th (Star Wars day), so today I wake up ready for the usual onslaught played out Star Wars memes and overused jokes invading my news feed. Instead however, a different invasion seems to have taken place in the form newcomer DJ & producer, Peekaboo, and his ‘Imposters EP' released today Wakaan. A project only 1 year old has somehow managed to dominate social media today and after finally succumbing to my curiosity and clicking the link through to soundcloud, I can tell you why. The tunes are bangers.

Peekaboo takes us on a light speed journey to the future bass music, threading the needle seamlessly between minimal, sub driven production and boisterous bass-in-your-face style sound-design. That's maybe the best part about listening to this EP, the drums hit hard, the bass slaps, but not ever do I feel like i'm being assaulted by white noise cannons firing into my eardrums. A feeling that has become all too common with the explosion the Riddim genre in the dubstep scene. This is a much more refined approach.

The EP tells the story a futuristic alien invasion, opening with Aliens, Arrival, then Invasion and finally title track Imposters. Maybe the Aliens were among us all along, taking on the form human icons the world over (as per Peekaboo's Instagram feed).

Already receiving en masse support from heavy weights in the scene including, Rezz, Bassnectar, RL Grime, Caspa and course Liquid Stranger, Peekaboo is perfectly positioned to make big moves this year.

Check out the EP below, smash that follow button, and sign yourself up for abduction…


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