Ookay Drops Top Class "WOW! COOL ALBUM"

HI! WELCOME TO CHILI's! Ookay stole our hearts when he dropped Thief a few years back. The hard-hitting track delivered diverse sound manipulation and featured many feels that we had never heard before. Hitting the road on his “WOW! COOL TOUR” late last year and early this year, Ookay had fans dying to hear the complete tape to be released in Spring. Now, on May 4, 2018, on the same date his boy Ghastly dropped his debut album, Ookay is here to deliver the sound the “WOW! COOL ALBUM”. The artwork is straight fueg. Big day out Moe Shalizi's camp!
Ookay Drops Top Class "WOW! COOL ALBUM"
To say this album lets up on any level would be a lie. Ookay continues to experiment with new sounds resulting in the delivery straight anthems. The tape itself brings to the forefront the feel that we had the first time we heard “Thief”. It's different, for sure, but the overall conclusion is that it works and it works extremely well. He continues to push the boundaries and drive home the fact that he is here and only going to continue to develop into one the World's more diverse sounding acts. Taking his live show on the road has brought even more fans which is only going to continue to grow his base.

Take a dive f the deep end and stream this World Class production below!

Photo Cred: RUKES

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