Ookay's Latest Single Might Just Be Exactly What You Need To End Your Week On A High Note

Ookay is a bit a trendsetter if you didn't know. The artist who found moderate success throughout his career saw an unbelievable explosion success with his 2016 single, ‘Thief'. The track was undoubtedly the release the year and quickly became a cultural phenomenon in EDM, and rightfully so because it was damn near perfect. Ookay has stepped outside his comfort zone once again with his latest single ‘Cool' and just like the last time Ookay took a chance, he has hit a home run.

‘Cool' is a complex tune. Upon first listen the tune can almost be overwhelming. There is a lot going on. But once you settle in after the first drop, ‘Cool' is just awesome. Vocals are featured prominently and filtered on and f throughout the track. The wild synths on top the heavy distortion make for an infectious melody that will just put you in a good mood. The undeniable overall throwback vibe ‘Cool' works perfectly alongside the forward thinking sound design.

I may be kind gushing over this tune, but to be honest it truly is one the best releases we have heard so far in 2018. We are excited to hear what's next from Ookay because word on the street is that big things are on the way.

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