Our Readers Agree With Carnage, PLUR IS DEAD

Following Carnage's set over the weekend, one disgruntled fan reached out to the DJ and producer to tell him how much they disapproved his set. Carnage went on a rampage about how PLUR is dead. “The dance scene is so stale right now because all you negative ass EDM purists,” Carnage wrote.

Following the rant, Carnage announced a new single with Steve Aoki titled “PLUR Genoide.”

What Is PLUR?

PLUR is the lifestyle Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. The DJ Frankie Bones adopted the phrase to many ravers as an attempted lifestyle to love one another.

We reached out to our readers though to ask the question, is PLUR dead? The poll brought in mixed reactions from the scene, but overall, the community voted that the PLUR scene is ficially dead.

PLUR Is Dead Poll

Despite a close race on Twitter, Facebook had a bit different opinion.

Let us know what you think our scene today in the comments section below. Is PLUR indeed dead?

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