Over 100 Feared Dead In Plane Crash Near Havana, Cuba

A passenger flight carrying 104 people has reportedly crashed shortly after takef near Havana, Cuba. The Boeing 737 was believed to be carrying 4 children, including an infant child. The scheduled flight was headed to Holguín, a resort town on the Eastern peninsula, crashing shortly after takef in a school district,  12.30 pm local time. Footage taken by locals depicts hundreds people using the billowing smoke as a navigational point as they hurried towards the crash site.

Cuba's President Miguel Díaz-Canel confirmed "there (was) a high number victims" but did not have exact figures on hand when he made his address to the nation. According to CNN, at least 3 people were pulled from the wreckage in critical condition. The first order was to manage the incendiary flames coming from the wreckage. A team firefighters was tasked with creating visibility so the relief efforts could take effect as quickly as possible. A heavy police presence was also reported at Jose Marti airport, where the plane took f. Residents claim they witnessed survivors being carted f in emergency vehicles. The nature the investigation is being kept at arm's length. Signs do however, point to the aging aircraft rented by Cubana de Ación being the main culprit in the crash. The Boeing 737 was moments away from being taken out service due to "mechanical problems."

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