Paco Osuna continues NOW HERE residency at Hï Ibiza’s Club Room

Paco Osuna has been performing all season at Hï Ibiza’s Club Room for his NOW HERE residency and he has been doing so with a variety of fellow artists and producers.  With a few more weeks of the residency still to go, there is still time to catch all the excitement and upcoming guests along for the ride.

Coming up this Tuesday, Paco Osuna will have Iglesias B2B Latmun as well Melanie Ribbe joining him at the Club Room for the 13th week of his residency.  Speaking ahead of her final appearance during NOW HERE, Melanie Ribbie had this to say about the experience, “Tuesdays night at Hï’s Club Room are all about amazing music, great energy and passion. For me what makes Paco Osuna’s NOW HERE special is the vibe and the energy, everyone is with a smile on their face, dancing and enjoying themselves to spectacular music. Playing at NOW HERE is such a pleasant experience.  In my first performance back in July, the club filled up quickly, a lot of DJ colleagues came to support and the sound system and hospitality was just impeccable. I couldn’t have asked for a better night.  I’m back this Tuesday September 6th. I’m sure it will be a magical night…there will be a surprise and very special B2B, I will start and end with a bang to make sure the crowd will have a night to remember.”


Paco Osuna

Image Credit: Alberto Alcocer / Provided by b4booking


Of course the residency will continue throughout September, will more unique line-ups and artists opening up the evening.  Coming up on September 20th, Manu Gonzalez will be joining Osuna for the evening’s entertainment.  Gonzalez also spoke about his experience and involvement with NOW HERE, “Tuesday nights at Hï – and with it Paco Osuna’s NOW HERE – feels like the night of the summer, the combination of having Paco & The Martinez Brothers plus their guests in both rooms it can’t not be special. It’s a new night, fresh, in the middle of the week, everyone wants to be there, there is a mix between spanish and international crowd, it really feels like a reunion of friends from all over the world, the energy is eclectic, smiles on faces, it’s just an amazing party. Paco Osuna, at the number 1 club in the world, as it is Hï Ibiza.. It doesn’t get much better than that.  I’m really looking forward to my next and final date at NOW HERE, and at the same time I feel bit emotional about it as I don’t want this summer to finish. I am going to play a very uplifting groovy set, with special edits I’ve been preparing :).”


Manu Gonzalez

Image Credit: Alberto Alcocer / Provided by b4booking


With just a few more weeks of the season to go, it is not too late to catch Paco Osuna and his NOW HERE residency.  Be sure to visit the Hï Ibiza website for full details and packages and check out the remaining line-up for Paco Osuna’s residency below:

06-Sept-22 – Paco Osuna, Iglesias B2B Latmun, Melanie Ribbe (Week 13)
13-Sept-22 – Paco Osuna, Ben Sterling, Rafa Barrios (Week 14)
20-Sept-22 – Paco Osuna, Cuartero, Manu Gonzalez (Week 15)
27-Sept-22 – Paco Osuna, Special Guest,Renato Ratier (Week 16)


Melanie Ribbe

Image Credit: Alberto Alcocer / Provided by b4booking


Featured Image Credit: Alberto Alcocer / Provided by b4booking


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