Pamela Anderson Asks For Kanye West's Help In Freeing Julian Assange

We live in 2018, and it seems that almost anything can happen at this point. A perfect example being this latest bit news that Baywatch star Pamela Anderson has apparently written a letter to Kanye West, asking for his assistance in freeing Julian Assange from his exile in an Ecuadorian embassy. 

The letter, which TMZ has obtained, says the American government is trying to kill him for leaking classified documents and exposing corruption. Anderson wishes to leverage Kanye's complete lack filter in order to recruit him to her cause. 

"I’ve always supported your ‘no filter’ - you speak your mind. And you make an impact," the letter reads. "I’m sure a lot people feel like you - They just are stuck in what society says is OK to say."

Assange is the founder  Wikileaks, an independent organization that exposes corruption by fully releasing leaked government documents. For years, Assange has kept himself locked up inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he has claimed political asylum. He is unable to leave due to rape charges he is facing in his home country Sweden. He's also been caught up in the investigation Russian Interference in the 2016 election, as Wikileaks were the ones to publish the leaked e-mails from the Democratic Party. 

Anderson seems to think Kanye is the key to getting the public to support Assange's plight, possibly due to his outspoken support other controversial figures in the past. She also takes the time to thank Kim Kardashian for refusing to wear fur, another one Anderson's pet causes. 

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