Paris Hilton Drops Song "Best Friend’s A*s" Seemingly Inspired By Kim Kardashian

Paris Hilton essentially laid down the blueprint for social media influencers. She's known to many as a socialite who had a reality show with Nicole Richie before diving into the world of DJ'ing. Fun fact: she also raps (not well). She signed a deal with Cash Money back in the day which seems like a strange label to sign with if you already have money. She clearly hasn't made rapping her main flex but she dabbles in it every so often. 

On Thursday, Paris Hilton released her new song, "Best Friend's Ass" alongside her collaborators Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike. The single, which features lyrics like, "All I see is fuckboys everywhere trying to make a pass but I can’t stop looking at my best friend’s ass," is a club single that features Paris Hilton holding down the vocals. 

Earlier this month, Paris began teasing the single and hinted that Kim Kardashian could be making an appearance in the music video. She later confirmed this was the case when Paris shared the teaser for the music video on social media yesterday. It's unsure when the video will drop but it appears to be an accurate reflection of the song with shots of Paris and Kim getting bombarded by the paparazzi and Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike spinning the single in the club.

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