Patrick Paige II Of The Internet Talks Solo Album "Letters Of Irrelevance"

Patrick Paige II’s debut album Letters Irrelevance arrives on May 18th, and as a preview, Paige, most known for his work as the bassist for The Internet, has dropped f two previous singles. These included the Syd and Kari Faux-assisted double track “On My Mind/Charge It To The Game” and the solo “Voodoo."

Ahead the project’s arrival, the musician spoke to Pigeons & Planes about the effort’s inspiration, touching on the death his mother, a falling out with his sister, and a now-ended battle with alcoholism that all weaved their way into his upcoming fering.

“To be completely honest, I had been working on this for like two years, and Prelude actually came about because it was originally going to be an album,” he said, referring to his 2015 full-length project. “But those instrumentals I picked, I really liked and didn’t want to just sit on them in the process taking forever to make an album, so I put them out as a beat tape. I did performances and all kinds shit with those and it actually went pretty well. Now’s the time because I’ve gone through so much and garnered so much experience and had to get it out some kind way, you know what I’m saying? Because I got tired drinking every fucking day and smoking and I was like, “Alright, I need to find another outlet.”

For Paige, the new project’s title stems from his journey in overcoming the past, he explains. At a certain point, the sentiments that accompany each track, or his letters, will be irrelevant once he gets everything f his chest.

“I hope my story can help somebody,” he declares. “I want people to see the light at the end the tunnel, because there were a lot times when I didn’t. I didn’t feel like there was a light at the end the tunnel, but I just kept going. How I made it, I have no idea, I thank God first and foremost. A lot times, I still have doubts and questions but there’s obviously somebody higher than me orchestrating all this. There’s obviously a reason I’m still alive today. I definitely want people to understand and see that I made it through and I feel better today.

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