Paula Jai Parker Reveals Diddy Used To Get Beat Up Back in The Day

During actress Paula Jai Parker's Vlad TV interview she spoke about her relationship with Ice Cube and why she wasn't in any of the Friday sequels. At the end of the segment, she dropped this unrelated nugget about Diddy.

"When I met Puffy, he was getting beat up!” she said with a big smile. “But we love Puffy. I be like, ‘Leave Puffy alone. I be the first one.”

"Puff was getting beat up?" Vlad wondered. 

 “Oops. I thought everybody knew,” she said. “I didn’t know people didn’t know. Sorry Puffy.”

Paula and Diddy attended Howard University together, but she didn't elaborate on who did the beating up. Maybe she will in a future interview. Maybe Diddy was doing stuff like this. Jump to the 7:30 minute to hear her talk Puff.

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