Pax Japonica Groove Showcase Their Brilliant Imagination On New Music Video ‘Wobble Tokyo’

This is a major time for Pax Japonica Groove who unveiled their most recent track, “Wobble Tokyo,” alongside its stunning music video. “Wobble Tokyo” is a pure electronic dance music gem, and an important release, if not the most important so far for Pax Japonica Groove. Showcasing their multiple influences, the talented Shuhei Kurosaka has composed and executed a track that perfectly represents why he creates music, where he situates himself within the genre, and what kind of message he seeks to share with audiences through his sublime sound. “Wobble Tokyo” also shows the artistic evolution he went through as the track develops, and in comparison to most of his previous releases. He bridges an incredible amount of sonic textures together in a completely unique way, the Kurosaka way.

“Wobble Tokyo” does a perfect job at demonstrating the wind range of Kurosaka and Pax Japonica Groove’s capabilities, and is an absolute musical treasure!

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