Pendulum Announce New Album Coming Very Soon

Pendulum took to the Ultra stage back in 2016 to revamp the legendary career the group. Since, fans have been yearning for new music from the group. Rob Swire, Gareth McGrillen and Paul ‘El Horney' Harding and later added Ben Mount, Peredur ap Gwynedd and KJ Sawka have become a tough act to get ahold on festival stages and new music waves. With rumors circulating, sending devout fans into a frenzy, there has been word that something is new in the Pendulum camp and there will be some new music on the horizon. Not only is this rumored but album names have been confirmed and you are all free to go bananas. ‘Unique' is something highly sought after in modern day Electronic Music, and we can expect that at a very high level here!

‘Reworks' LP, ‘The Complete Works' Box Set, is scheduled to be released on March 16 and is said to be unlike anything else the group has released. Who knows what it means when said “unlike anything they have done before” but that doesn't change the level hype here. In addition to the release, they have announced their first headlined show to take place back in 2011. The event is set to take place at London's new hotspot “Printworks”. Furthermore, they have announced their return to a HUGE event – Reading and Leeds Festival where they will be headlining the BBC Radio 1 stage.

Things are cooking at a rapid pace for the group and only the future knows what is held. As we cross our fingers and pray for more shows, get amped and ready for the “Reworks LP” release on March 16th. Will it be as titled? Simply a bunch “Rework(ed)” tracks? Potentially, but nonetheless, any Pendelum news is big news!

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