People Are Surprised To Find Out What Summer Walker Looks Like

Summer Walker is trying to pamper you for the first day of summer. After Drake hopped on one of her songs, the singer has been experiencing a huge burst of popularity. Before the co-sign, she was already on the verge of blowing up but as he does with all things, Drake just amplified her reach. With summer around the corner, Summer wants to invite her female fans to have a day of relaxation with pedicures, massages, shopping and more. The generous offer earned more than a couple of reposts for the artist but people were less concerned about what she was saying and more surprised about her look.

People Are Surprised To Find Out What Summer Walker Looks Like
Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

Still on her way to the top, Summer Walker is a relatively unknown name to most casual music fans. Thus, not many people have actually seen her photo yet. From the sounds of her lush vocals, some people anticipated her looking different but when they peeped her giveaway video on The Shade Room, they mostly commented about her appearance. "I don’t know what I thought summer walker looked like but this ain’t it," wrote one shocked fan in a comment that has gathered over seven thousand likes. Others commented on the tattoos she has on her face with one fan even saying she looks like YG wearing a wig. 

The gorgeous young woman has been levelling up for months and this is such a nice way to give back to those that have supported her. Do you care what an artist looks like if they make great music?

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