Police shut down an illegal rave of around 70 people in Telford

West Mercia Police shut down an illegal rave of around 70 people in Teflord’s Granville Country Park on Saturday evening just after 8pm, with the group of partygoers telling officers they are “sick of self-isolation”.

Police said a DJ was playing and the outdoor event “appeared to be pre-planned”.

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Alongside the hashtag #hangYourHeadsInShame, in a tweet on the @TelfordCops Twitter account, the police said: "We have worked so hard and sacrificed so much and this group decide it doesn't apply. I'm shocked that people would care so little.”

No action was taken against the group other than dispersal, with the police additionally stating: “We dont fine unless there is no other action open. We engage and explain. We asked the group to disperse and they did. We would ask anyone who is thinking of organizing one of these events to think of the bigger picture. Please refer to the government guidelines”.

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