Polo & Pan Bring Their Psychedelic Kingdom of Color to Los Angeles: Photos

Just one look at the cover art for Polo & Pan's 2021 LP, Cyclorama, and you already have a hint of what this French duo is all about: hyper-saturated colors, whimsical imagery and big impressions. 

This kaleidoscopic essence came to life in Los Angeles this February, when Polo & Pan took the stage at Shrine Expo Hall for a sold-out spectacle of the acclaimed project. It was like a carnival on psychedelics.

The duo arrived ready to play in campy white jumpsuits, strutting around with microphones before taking residency behind the decks. Cyclorama classics like "Tunnel" (with Channel Tres) and "Feel Good" pumped through the speakers as inflatable balls bounced around the crowd.

Polo & Pan

Polo & Pan's sold-out show in Los Angeles was like a carnival on psychedelics.

Joining Polo & Pan on stage was French musician Victoria Lafaurie, whose brilliant vocal performance and unbounded enthusiasm were the cherries on top of the show's exaggerated theatrics. Her wardrobe included a dazzling disco dress and a red silk robe paired with bare feet, as well as a shorter white jumpsuit of her own. Even their fans had come dressed for the drama: brightly printed shirts, funky glasses, neon-colored pants.

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Polo & Pan

Polo & Pan Bring Their Psychedelic Kingdom of Color to Los Angeles: Photos

The two French showmen shut down Shrine Auditorium and Expo Hall this February for a sold-out celebration of their 2021 album, "Cyclorama."

Victoria Lafaurie

Victoria Lafaurie provided vocals for Polo & Pan and proved to be the cherry on top of the show's exaggerated theatrics.

Older favorites including "Canopée" and "Plage Isolée (Soleil Levant)" boldly appeared throughout the 90-minute set, blending those louder, more chaotic moods with smooth and stable moments. 

Then there were slower, more hypnotic songs like "Artemis," which changed the artists' stage presences from bigtop showmen to creepy clowns, as well as dark and dirty instrumental breaks. 

The off-the-walls jubilance of "Ani Kuni" brought it all together as the performance sprinted to a close with "Magic," "Naña" and finally, "Peter Pan" (with Antonin). Polo & Pan took center stage throughout, running arm-in-arm in circles and exchanging exaggerated high fives. 

Check out more photos from the show here: 

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