Porter Robinson Scraps Virtual Self Performance At Spring Awakening, Will Perform As Himself

What an interesting title that was to write. We all know that Porter Robinson favors his latest moniker, Virtual Self to his normal production. If you have been fortunate enough to witness Virtual Self live – you know why. He has been billed on festivals all over the world as Virtual Self this summer, and there has much debate whether the artist would ever perform under his own name ever again. Virtual Self is his passion project, and his happiness can be heard through his music which has been nothing short incredible. He was scheduled to perform as Virtual Self this weekend, but some issues arose.

Porter Will Perform As Porter Robinson At Spring Awakening

Due to technical issues involving the stage, Porter has decided to scrap his Virtual Self set at Spring Awakening in Chicago this weekend. Instead, he will play a regular Porter Robinson set. This is interesting for one main reason. Porter obviously only wants to play the Virtual Self music if he can curate the entire sensory experience. Therefore we know he will continue to keep both his past productions entirely separate from those he has released as Virtual Self.

Fans are a bit disappointed, but many are just as excited as it appears a classic Porter Robinson set will be a rare find in the Virtual Self era. Check out the announcement below.

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