Post Malone Expresses Paranoia Over "Song Leaks" In Leaked Demo With Kanye West

Post Malone has been the victim of leaked intellectual property on several occasions. The latest song leak to surface is a demo floating around under the presumptive title of "Fuck The Internet." While it's possible the title is in reference to Posty's struggle for privacy, inasmuch as it deals with Kanye West's own disquieting antics/inner tumult. Ye is featured in the bottom half of the song.

"Oh girl, you a model? Damn, I never woulda guessed it
An' if you tryna throw out all them vibes, I'ma catch 'em
The lifestyle we live is just too dangerous
Paranoid since they've been leakin' my shit
Wonder if it'll come out on the web

An' I can't help all these bitches on my dick
Takin' a photo an' postin' that shit
Comin' home late an' I crawl into bed
She always be askin' me, "Where have you been?"

- Post Malone on the "Fuck The Internet" demo.

Post Malone Expresses Paranoia Over "Song Leaks" In Leaked Demo With Kanye West

Matthew Eisman/Getty Images

For the sake of honoring Post Malone's privacy, I won't link you directly to the song itself. However, it's not hard to find upon the platform at the present moment. The last time (of significance) that Post Malone had a song of his leaked against his will, Kanye West was once again involved in the recording, as was Justin Bieberfor an unofficial demo titled "No Reason." As of this writing, it's unclear whether Post Malone has or had any intention of releasing "Fuck The Internet." Keep it locked for more.

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